When is the best time to travel to Iceland

We would be tempted to say that the best time to travel to Iceland would be in June, July and August but there is no best time actually. Everything depends on what you are looking for. Iceland in summer time and Iceland in winter time is two different countries.

There are regular flights to Reykjavík from other European countries, and from the USA. A ferry service also operates from northern Denmark, though this is a much slower way to travel. Inside the country there are domestic flights to major cities. There aren’t any railways and the roads have a reputation for being underdeveloped.

The country enjoys a cool temperature climate, with warm summers and fairly mild winters. Iceland is a Nordic island country in northern Europe between the mainland and Greenland in the North Atlantic Ocean and just below the Arctic Circle. And it is Europe’s second largest island after Great Britain . With a population of approximately 313,000, Iceland is the least populous of the Nordic countries, the second smallest.

In spite of its latitude, Iceland enjoys a relatively temperate climate and offers a comfortable habitat for its people as well as its vegetation, livestock and wildlife. Iceland was first populated in 874 by a few enterprising Norwegians who settled there permanently.

Why to travel in summer time

In the summer time you have the day light 24h/24h, that is magic. You can cross the country from south to north or vise versa by the highlands. You will see incredible colors in the highlands – you can rent a car and then visit the country on your own pace – you can take your time for bird watching, whale watching, take a bath in the hot springs, walking…. and just enjoy the nature.

Why to travel in winter time

In the winter time you will see the northern lights and in the country side you will have completely different colors from the summer. You can not cross the country from north to south by the highlands by yourself with a rental car for example, but you can go to the highlands, with a Super Jeep and a driver and take a bath in hot springs, go skiing, or drive snowmobile. (You can drive a snowmobile also in the summer time, but on the glaciers).

The winter time is great for short breaks, for example staying in Reykjavik and making day trips out of Reykjavik. But also great for skiing trips, cross country skiing trips with pulka …… and much, much more……

So summer or winter ….. spring or autumn…. each season has its charm, you will experience a different country in each season…that is Iceland.

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