Westside Puerto Rico

If there is one thing I love the most is Puerto Rico’s westside. I’ve already listed a couple of my favorite westside beaches so here I will list some other things the westside has to offer.

Where to eat and drink?

Mona- Aguadilla
My favorite meal is definitely breakfast and I do enjoy even more a flavored pack brunch. Mona’s brunches are far the best. I’m always searching for different brunch places and none has topped the french toast of Mona’s. The creamy-custardy creme brulee on top of the french toast just kills me.

Creamy crumble in top of a fluffy french toast

Khalan Thai- Aguadilla
If you love Thai food then head to Khalan Thai, it is pretty good and decent prices.

Pad Thai dish in Kahlan Thai, trust me…it tastes better than the looks from my poor quality photo.

La Chancleta de Maiz – Isabela
For a quick and cheat bite try this Mexican food truck. A local favorite is the grapes “pico de gallo”. They like to mix things up like that!

Tu mojito- Aguadilla
If you are a mojito kind of person then you better head to Tu Mojito. They are super cheap and huge mojitos. Trust me when I say one is enough. Enjoy it during the day while glazing at the Aguadilla coast.

Tip. There are lots of “chinchorros” on the coast and locals who head there on Sunday. It gets pretty crowded but that way you will experience Puerto Rico as a local.

Refreshing passion fruit mojito from Tu Mojito


Cuatro Lunas- Aguadilla
This was my friends and I go-to place for some goodnight fun. It has a terrace perfect for those summer nights.
P.S. Not only summer nights since Puerto Rico is always warmed weather!

Timber and Blues-Aguadilla
A good alternative located near the town center. It has great cocktails and varied of cigars for those who are into that kind of scene.

Poblado de Boqueron- Cabo Rojo
On the coast of Boqueron in the Poblado with many restaurants, bars and “chinchoros” for a fun night out. It is a more beachy vibe than Cuatro Lunas and Timber and Blues. Don’t be surprised to see people in the bathing suits while partying.

Tamboo- Rincon
Similar to the Poblado Tamboo is a very beachy spot to hang out. People in bathing suits, people more dressed up and a little bit of everything. If you find yourself in Rincon it is one of the locals favorite. Great chilled atmosphere and music.

Explore Nature

Guajataca Forest

This forest is located a bit more in the center but very near the coastal west in Isabela. It is a small forest with a very easy hiking trail. You will see a very beautiful green forest with very tall trees. There is also a small cave called Cueva del Viento. You can explore the forest without a guide, just check-in. But since it is small and easy you will be fine on your own.

A bit further you will also find Lake Guajataca which belongs to the Quebradilla Municipality, neighbor to Isabela.

Hint. Like with any hiking trail it is better to go on sunny days and during daylight. That way you can ensure a safe and happy trip.

Actually, this photo was taken in Cabo Rojo mangrove forest heading for the Puente de Piedra. 


Here you will find my list of top westside beaches.
For more options you have:

  • Borinquen Beach- Aguadilla
  • Rincon I honestly have no idea the name of the beach but it is excellent for kayaking. Here is the link to where you will find the kayak rental. It is located on the exact beach.
  • La Posita- Isabela
  • Playa Buye- Cabo Rojo
  • Playa Combate- Cabo Rojo
Kayak time

Iconic places to Visit

Cara del Indio

A Taino Indian face sculpture made of rock in Isabela. The man sculpted is said to be Mabodamaca, a heroic Taino during the time of Spanish colonization It is very easy to see as it is located in the #2 road, the longest of Puerto Rico which connects San Juan to the west.

I present to you Mabodamaca!

Rincon Main Square

This tiny plaza located in tiny Rincon gives houses each Sunday an agroecological market A.K.A. Farmers Market. Rincon itself has a special surfers vibe and during this market, it just burst with hippie-chill vibes.

My travel partner enjoying the local culture with a huge coconut.

Aguadilla’s Colorful houses

These colorful houses are a Puertorican project for beautifying the cities. Also, another great excuse to visit the city, grab a mojito and walk the sidewalk along the beach.


I assure you this isn’t a complete list. There is definitely so much more you can find going on in the westside. If you’ve being to Puerto Rico’s westside let me know what I missed and should be on the list!

Where to Stay?

Airbnb is always a great way to meet, support and get in touch with locals.
If you fancy a hotel or Parador then you can search for places in Rincon, Aguadilla, Cabo Rojo, and Isabela. It is not packed in hotels like San Juan but still you will be able to find some good hotels for your stay.


Car Rental is a must.
This is the best way to explore the island, roam freely and explore the places listed above and more.

There is uber service that works really nice but only in the San Juan area. Plus, if you really want to explore a rented car is a much better option.


Puerto Rico International Airport is in San Juan which is the biggest one and has the most air traffic. In the west, we have the International Airport Rafael Hernandez which is a smaller airport right in Aguadilla. It is very convenient if you plan on exploring mainly the west. Unfortunately, prices are higher and as I said it has less flight going in and out.

Tip. There are some other airports but I strongly suggest traveling by car. It’s the safest way to go around as the other airplanes might be a bit small for strong winds.

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