Southern California’s new L.A. Flea Market has great food too

With some of the top flea markets in the country going strong for years now, L.A. needs another flea market like it needs a hole in the head. But Southern Californians are so crazy for flea markets that too much is not enough. In fact, the only thing more popular than flea markets is food trucks. And some brilliant entrepreneur got the idea to combine the two.

The new L.A. Flea Market debuts on July 18 in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium. The grand opening will feature the Hollywood Yard Sale with items donated by George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and other celebrities. Proceeds from sales will benefit the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center.

More than 500 vendors are scheduled to participate, selling everything from antiques, vintage clothes, furniture, collectibles, fine art, crafts, and just plain junk. The antique and vintage section will be managed by King Richards, which is one of the area’s best established antique centers. There will also be new merchandise and sustainable goods and charity groups.

A kids’ play area with a rock-climbing wall and inflatable play-gyms will keep them occupied.

Typical of Southern California, a VIP pass is available for $25. It includes valet parking, early-bird (7AM) admission, concierge service for schlepping your purchases, and a reserved porta-potty section away from the riff raff – and presumedly behind red, velvet ropes. Doors open at 9AM and general admission is $5.

Local bands, including Freddie and Francine, The Broken Numbers Band, and John Paul and the Courtship, will provide entertainment throughout the day.

What really sets the new market apart is the presence of some of L.A.’s top food trucks. Unlike some other cities, L.A’s ethnic neighborhoods aren’t centralized, and you might have to drive 90 minutes to satisfy a craving for Jamaican food. In response, ethnic food trucks have sprung up that bring exotic flavors to a variety of locations. Fans learn their whereabouts by following them on Twitters.

Shoppers at the flea market grand opening can choose from Butter Chicken over Basmati Rice from India Jones, Indonesian Beef Rendang with Cucumber Salad or Singapore-style Shrimp with Sour Cream Salad from Komodo, Jerk Pork with rice and beans from Reggae Chicken, Korean Fried Chicken from Ahn-Joo, Grilled Beef Vietnamese Baguettes from Mandoline Grill, Crispy Baja Fish Tacos from Border Grill, Nutella and Banana Crepes from Crepe’n Around, and more.

Two shows are scheduled following the grand opening – one on August 29 and one on September 26.

If you love searching for treasures at the flea market, mingling with the masses, and sampling some delicious and affordable ethnic food, you know where to go.

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