Planning trip to Iceland in April

Just returned for an 8 days trip to Iceland (April 7-14). What a WONDERFUL country. Here are some pictures to motivate you to go, and to thank you for your help in this forum. Sorry for the long post, trying to help with some of the things that helped us.

Weather in Iceland in April:

It seems like we got really lucky with sunny days for the most of the trip. We were able to drive without issues as there was no snow or too strong winds on the way. However, I completely agree with those who say that driving in Iceland requires a lot of responsibility and experience with this type of weather (especially for driving in winter).

Check the weather forecast on and road conditions on

The roads are beautiful but very dangerous on bad weather. The weather can change in seconds from super sunny to very windy and rainy. Don’t let this ruin your trip. Get ready for it, dress appropriately, be willing to change the plans if needed, get the necessary apps to be aware of the road conditions and have a BLAST!

Are there Northern lights in Iceland in April?

booked a tour the first day. It got cancelled. We went to the lighthouse (as suggested in here), and were able to see them. We saw them 4 nights on our own. However keep in mind that most of the time they won’t look as in the pictures, at all. Sometimes you can’t even see them with your eyes but with a camera.

Northern light forecast on –

Have a camera (not a cellphone) with the appropriate settings as it helps you to identify where they are, in case the activity is low. They are really lovely😍.


we didn’t try much the food as it is also very expensive so we went low budget on this one.

We went to the supermarkets, bought snacks for the long ways, had sandwiches, and food sold over there, etc.

Some gas stations have restaurants that offer limited menus a bit less pricey. Food is the biggest expense. Very expensive.

Lodging in April:

we stayed at different hotels around the country and highly recommend it. It saves you time and allows you to explore much more of what this country has to offer. We stayed at (Reykjavik, Geysir area at iceland farmhouse Vatnsholt, Vik, Hofn, and Myvatn at Hotel Bjarg).

Renting a car:

Rented a car with a website and drove around the country. Had a very good experience.

  • Most of the highlights were on our way while driving.
  • Don’t go offroad (it is prohibited), don’t stop on the middle of the road. There are plenty parking spots available everywhere.
  • HOLD THE DOOR of the car, the wind can destroy it no joke.

Getting gas:

You NEED a credit card with PIN. Most of the gas station are self service. There is no way in those to pay without a prepaid card or a credit card and they only accept credit card with pins.

Mind the distances. Sometimes the next gas station is far away. Make sure you have enough. Gas is really, really expensive.

Best tours in April:

we did two, as the northern lights got cancelled.

  1. Snowmobile & Ice Cave
  2. Glacier Hike and Ice Cave.

We always travel on our own. However these were a MUST! We loved them, and they are experts on what they do.

Read also: 20 Iceland Tips to Know Before You Go

These activities could be very dangerous if you don’t have the knowledge and the safety equipments. Also, please stay away from the water at the beach and don’t step on the ice diamonds for example (saw a tourist falling from one). These things are dangerous and have been repeatedly said. It is true. Take them serious.

Iceland is ANOTHER PLANET! It’s unbelievable. Hope you all have a great time there. I won’t even leave the group 😂


Whales are lovely animals that you will never forget once you have been close to them. Their real home is in the North Atlantic ocean and Iceland is like home in home.

Hvalalif has two main boats and the larger one is Andrea – it is probably the largest whale watching boat in Iceland. It has everything on board and it is really family friendly. You can have some chocolate, coffee and something to eat.

Whale watching Iceland April: What whale species you might see

You will most likely see Humpback whales when you go tour whale watching tour. It quite large – somewhere between 13 to 21 meters long and the average weight is around 20-45 tons. No really a small animal. They become around 100 years old. Another type of whale you are likely to see is the amazing Porpoises.

Similar to Dolphins and are part of the toothed species. Porpoises are smaller and are only 2-4 m long and much ligher – 50-60 kilograms. The third most likely are the Minke whales. Only 10-12 meters long on average and weighting around 10 tons. The most likely whales to see in our whale watching Iceland April tour are these three.

Birds for whale watching Iceland April: You will see some birds too

Birds of all shorts can be seen in the whale watching tour too. You might see the seabird puffin. You will not stop watching it if you see it as it is simply beautiful. The second most likely to see is the Fulmar bird. We are sure you will love our whale watching Iceland April tours.

What specifically to expect from whale watching Iceland?

Mentioned earlier, the country offers one among great whale watching Iceland tours, where tourist get a chance to ride on one of Iceland’s newest, safest and luxurious sail boats cruising at fast speeds-Andrea. Inside these boats, you get to hang out with few special guess like you, who is also into whale watching Iceland thus cruising the country’s splendid ocean would not be a bore to you.

What should you know about whale watching – BEST PLACE TO GO WHALE WATCHING IN ICELAND

Iceland like many other islands surrounding it is splendid from a far. So, while waiting for the whales’ appearance, watching the scenery from a far would be a good option. However, this seldom occurs. Whales do appear performing common yet satisfying tricks tourists expect see from them.

Some Whales Tourists get to see with Whale Watching Iceland

With Iceland’s cold water climate, it’s no wonder variety of whales stay on its cold water. You’ll get to watch with your own eyes and personally experience how whales of different shapes and sizes in close contact. Surely, the sight as the whales leap would be great, and completely breathe taking.

Among great whale species to watch during whale watching Iceland is the humpback whales. It’s definitely a huge species of whales weighing approximately twenty to forty tons.

Humpback whales exist and would continue to take your breathed with stunning teasing stunts for a lifespan of 90-95 years only. So, having to see them is your once in a life time chance to see live great wonders of this world. Smaller species would also be among the great sight to see during the tour.

Porpoises, the smaller species of whales around 1-2 long and weighs 50-70 kg, never fails to amaze whale watchers with their teasing tricks. Definitely, there’s more to see of whales species during the tour than you normally watch or read from books and several videos.

Whales are typically choosy species. These great animals don’t stay long in unfavorable waters, a good reason, not all oceans are great spots for whale watching. But, Iceland’s cold waters offer an excellent biological sanctuary for them to breed and populate for years and even centuries to come.

What else to expect from Whale watching Iceland?

Apart from whale watching itself, Iceland is cradle for some famous seabirds. One of which are the puffin seabirds which are usually heard of or seen only on printed books. On tour, you get to see them fly the Icelandic Oceans, crossing borders.

And, there’s Fulmar. It’s a combination of grey and white seabird more like albatross. It’s great seeing these seabirds personally in addition to the pleasure from whale watching Iceland for a complete holiday getaway.

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