Cooking classes in Barcelona

When we first went to Spain in 1997, the food was nothing to write home about.  If you substituted the word “ham” for “spam” in the Monty Python sketch, you could describe pretty much every menu we encountered.

Until we got to Barcelona.  The food there was wonderful, making the most of Mediterranean seafood, herbs, and produce.

The Catalonians have always preserved their culture, and their culinary traditions are a big part of that.  So cooking classes in Barcelona are a great way to expand your skills and learn more about Catalan culture.

Over the centuries, the region has been home to significant Roman, Jewish, and Arab populations, and the cuisine has been influenced by all of them.  It’s delicious and very healthy.

Cook & Taste has given cooking lessons to more than 4,000 students.  They offer half-day classes seven days a week in their school on Paradis Street.  Their 3-1/2 hour classes start at 11AM or 5PM and include a trip to La Boqueria Market for supplies.  Traditional dishes like gazpacho, tomato soup with smoked cheese, paella, tapas, tortilla Espanol, and crema Catalana are usually prepared.  And participants enjoy the meal they made together at the end of the class.  They also offer three-day advanced seminars.

Located near the Placa San Jaume, has half- and whole-day classes that visit the market and include a recipe booklet.  With a maximum class size of twelve, you’ll get some hands-on attention. offers full-day classes that start at 10AM with a visit to La Boqueria.  Students enjoy their lunch accompanied by wines form the Priorat region, as well as Cava, brandy, and coffee.  Classes devoted to tapas or paellas are also available, so ask when you make reservations.  Prices depend on the number of participants.

If you have rented an apartment for your visit to Barcelona, will come to your apartment and conduct a cooking class there.  Several different three-course menus are available.  And classes are available in English, French, or German.

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