Where to go on your first trip to Iceland

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  1. Aisté says:

    Hi, I’m wondering where is the best to go for about 5 days in June, i was thinking about west fjords maybe? Already saw all of the golden circle, south, and a little bit of sneafellsnes peninsula, what would you recommend?

  2. Anne Marie says:

    My top tip if your planning to go in the next few weeks are :
    Take multiple layers for each day
    (base layer, Long-sleeved tshirt, fleeces , thick walking socks, fleeced lined leggings, waterproof trousers, thick waterproof coat , hats, scarfs and waterproof gloves ) all helped my stay warm throughout the day

    Appropriate clothing and footwear depending on season .
    We saw one lady wearing hot pants and knee high socks !
    🙈I kid you not see my photos

    Crampons are a must !!
    We saw so many people falling over that didn’t have them .

    If your planning on self diving ensure you
    ask your hire company for winter studded tyres ( for me this gave me piece of mind )especially driving at night in blizzard conditions .
    Don’t just stay in Reykjavík , the country has so much more to offer !

    Plan food stop whilst travelling , don’t assume places will be open when you arrive late ( our first night tea was meringue cake 🙈it was delicious though )

    Don’t go expecting that you will see the northern light ! If you do want to experience the magic download the app , again this is guaranteed but give you a better indication as to where you might find them . Find a dark location(away from the light pollution ) and be patient .

    Alcohol is very expensive, this didn’t bother me as I’ve stopped drinking for a year but bottle of wine around £30 for a no frills wine .

    Book all your trips in advance .
    We booked all our in the days before we went . This helped us plan our itinerary!

  1. February 9, 2020

    […] want to say thank you so much to this group for all the helpful tips for our first trip to Iceland, it made a huge difference to our 5 day self-drive trip around South […]

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