I promised in the previous article, I bring notes from this year’s trip to Italy . This time I didn’t do it myself, but we were four. We flew just like last year with the airline Ryanair, which is definitely the best choice.

Transport from Brno to Italy and back to us and on the way to Bratislava and back came to 1 400 CZK and so the trip cost me about 250 USD. In total we were there 6 nights, from Wednesday to Tuesday.

The first day we set out from Brno to Bratislava and I could personally meet Martin and Thomas, whom I did not know yet.

Nothing happened in Bratislava, we walked from the train station to the shopping center, where we got a bus to the airport.

I bought sunglasses in the shopping center (for the first time in my life) and named them Transformers during my trip. They could be transformed differently, some parts even irreversibly (the very first day!).

After arriving in Bergamo, we wandered for a while and then found a spot to sleep in the field where I slept last year. It’s a pretty safe place, although a little open but out of civilization.  It has only one drawback and that is the proximity of the airport.

FIRST DAY in Italy

The first day in Bergamo we went shopping – both food and equipment (knives, maps,…). Even though I tried to choose the best price / performance product, I spent most of it there every time.

In the supermarket maps section, we agreed to eventually head to Lake d’Iseo (hence the name of our group – Gang d’Iseo).

It was far enough so we decided to take the train. But we did not catch it a bit and arrived in the city, which was supposed to be a transfer station, but it was not.

So we had to walk a little way to the next station, which was not the closest. But in the end it was worth it.

We walked through the towns of Lombardy and were in real Italy, not in those in the seaside areas where you have the same hotel with a swimming pool as in Egypt.

Therefore, I do not like holidays and enjoy trips, at least a moment you fit into their lives and stop thinking “Czech”. But the best was yet to come.

At the station, where we arrived in the sunny afternoon, we came across a small bar where we started our beer trip. The aim was to taste different kinds of beers in Italy. And if they weren’t different, then test the same ones more times.

My findings about Italian beer:

  • is stronger than Czech, usually has 5% or more alcoho
  • the price of beer in the pub is about 3.5 euros (400 ml)
  • you can get beer in the supermarket even under one euro (500 ml)
  • 3 beers and the Italian sun is my limit, which I should not cross
  • it is not good to open a beer that has 10% alc. five minutes before the train departs
  • if you don’t have time to drink the beer and it’s time for the train, don’t throw it away, but lay it down
  • if you miss the train, come back for the beer you put in the station

Our destination, Iseo was a seaside town, partly industrial, partly recreational. The pier was dotted with restaurants, but island-lake-iseothe center was typically urban. The important thing was that there was a beach about 50 m long, which served several times as our base and eventually a place to sleep.

The first day in Iseo we found as the only place to sleep a large circle (he was actually a circle), which was in the middle of several bushes and conifers.

But mosquitoes had a rave party there that night. I tried to put myself in the sleeping bag so that they couldn’t reach me, but I just made a sauna.

Fortunately, the move to the beach was without problems, even though I had some people around me (as fishermen, unlucky people and their girls ..).


punta-almana-trekkingOur next goal was to climb some hills around. I did not care enough so we were led by Milan, who knew how best with the map.

Already after two hours of travel I was well flowing, but I had no crisis, but it was quite a set in the heat. In one of the last villages in the hills we had another shot, because then we wouldn’t find anything like that.

Our journey down the hills has transformed (like my glasses) into a trip through the mountains, even though I was wearing the same clothes I go shopping in (and maybe even a disco).

But I am a proof that appearance does not matter because I am the way to our peak, which was at 1350 m.n.m. (in a day we have climbed more than 1 km), managed the second in the ranking.

trip-to-punta-almanaDespite my fear of heights, it was definitely an unforgettable experience and I felt a bit like the Fellowship of the Ring as they walked across the mountains in Middle-earth.

We reached the summit in the evening, but we could not sleep there, so we had to go a bit further, where we discovered an uninhabited house / cottage and we slept in front of it.

The next day we went down the hills to another seaside town of Marone, where I could finally wash again in the lake. When we left the “beach” (a rocky space behind the local library), we met a young lady, a blonde, who was just going to swim. And that’s what happened, I fell in love! As soon as I saw her, I knew it was ONE. I finally felt what it was like to love someone.

And then we went on, I bought my grandma’s postcards and went back to Isea by train. I’m not exactly sure, but I think it was just Saturday and that day was alive in Iseo that day. That’s why we took our “best clothes” (crumpled shirt and a little torn jeans) and set out to hunt. I approached the first few fifths from the beach and asked if they speak English. They didn’t. Still, I found that the party was in the center.

Milan tried to open a heavy 4 young girls. It didn’t work, they probably didn’t speak Italian and it was also a difficult situation. We did not give up and I tried another 2 nice girls around 18-20. Finally someone who spoke English!

I talked to one of them for about two minutes, asked again where the disco or party was. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much in Iseo, but the girls recommended something in Bergamo. They said that if I had a car, they would go too. At the right time (until it was embarrassing), I left because I knew I wasn’t going anywhere.

None of the girls, though, did not pack us, but it does not matter, maybe they get a chance another time.

Tips for flirting with Italian women:

  • Learn the basics of Italian – less people speak English than you might expect
  • Smile – smile is the basis for both addressing and conversation
  • Probably the easiest opener is the question (Where can I find ..?) – be interested in what you already know, mainly to keep the conversation
  • We spent one more day in Iseu, having a typical beach rest. In the evening we went through the Italian countryside, through the vineyards and villages back closer to Bergamo.

We spent one more day in Iseo, having a typical beach rest. In the evening we went through the Italian countryside, through the vineyards and villages back closer to Bergamo.

The day before we left, we got up in Bergamo and had the whole day to go through the old town. From the center there was a bus, so we bought tickets and went to wait for a stop.

But we were not alone there, at the bus stop was full of Italians – one of them was a beautiful lady, Esperanza (so I named her). I looked at her, she looked at me, and that’s what happened – I fell in love! As soon as I saw her, I knew it was ONE. I finally felt what it was like to love someone.

The bus arrived and She got on too. She looked at me from time to time on the bus. Then she got out, went on and went to discover the beauty of the old part of town.

The beauties of the old part of town were boring. I didn’t really enjoy it there, I’m not the type of person going through historical monuments and landmarks. Fortunately, there was not much, so we went back to the center. I bought orange juice in the store. Orange juice is less boring than sights. TRUE STORY.

In the center we got on another bus that took us to the airport. There we waited for departure. One of us still had clear indicators of eye contact with a nice blue-eyed brunette as she looked at me.

We arrived home to Brno sometime around eight, it was evening. Quite a strange feeling to be where I know it, but feel like I don’t belong there…

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