Fishing in Norway is a popular sporting activity for visitors to the north. Why is the country a popular destination for passionate fishermen? Not only for a varied selection of fish.

Fishermen are also attracted by the beautiful landscape and wild nature. What do you pack for your trip to Norway and what fish can you find here? Get inspired – maybe it’s time to go!

Do you long for a big fish trip? Then you will not be mistaken if you go to Norway. A kingdom full of varied fish species is one of the most popular destinations for fishing lovers. Fish-rich waters can be found everywhere – fishing by the coast, as well as in lakes or inland rivers.


To Norway only with quality – as you probably guess, good equipment is essential. If you are going to fish in both fresh and salt water, pack durable marine fishing gear to avoid damaging standard non-sea gear.


You can hunt and haul from the shore or boat. Be sure to select the appropriate bar load. The deeper the water for catching the fish, the greater the load on the rod. If you want to fish at depths of up to 100 meters, take a rod with a weight of 300 to 600 grams.

In addition to classic fishing, you can also fly in Norway. Also, fly the fly rod – because the prices in Norway are not exactly friendly in this case. Bottom line – choose the gear with respect to the fish you would like to catch. Catch as you enjoy it – in any case, it will be better with quality tools.


Catch the fish, but I’d rather not catch a cold. Due to the changing weather, it is necessary to think of quality fishing clothes at sea. Certain layers will not be lost – and you’ll be glad to have them with you.

Start from scratch – functional thermal underwear should be a matter of course. Do not forget the middle layer in the form of a functional fleece sweatshirt.

And finally, high-quality jackets for bad weather. Pack the cap – it won’t get lost either. Depending on the time of year, you will definitely not miss out on taking a pair of winter socks and gloves.

In addition to casual wear, the only thing left is to buy waterproof shoes, fishing boots, a good and reliable waterproof fishing jacket and trousers – in short and well – whether you are dry or on the fish.

What fish are waiting for you in Norway?

The largest species include cod, which can grow to a length of 180 cm. In addition to the general, you can also come across cod or even haddock.

Cod can compete in size with ling. And if you want to catch something really jagged, then we’ll mention a wolfish. It is a relatively aggressive fish with bared typical teeth.

However, there are also ugly monkfish, eels, gnats or even flounder. You can also find sharks – for example, black-mouthed shark. That looks like an unforgettable hunt, doesn’t it? So catch and release!



Norway is a beautiful country, but unfortunately it is one of the more expensive. Given the prices of common staple foods, restaurant foods and drinks or fuel, it is advisable to equip yourself in advance – and ideally travel with less supplies.

By car or tent – you can camp virtually anywhere, so you will not lose a gas cooker and sterilized or instant food. Why not wake up dreamily – straight with the rod or at least overlooking the beautiful Norwegian nature?

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