Learning the tricks of the trade when it comes to traveling only comes through a myriad of different experiences. Traveling from country to country experiencing new cultures is something most people will cherish for the rest of their lives. However, it doesn’t come without its pitfalls, and usually people have to learn from their mistakes quickly.

Cheap travel has its advantages for sure, and is often the most preferred option for people who are partaking in “around the world travel”. Just like in our article ‘Things to Pack on a Long Flight’ essential tips can help save people money. In the aforementioned article we covered trivial things like taking snacks on a long journey, which in the long run means you don’t have to shell out on overly expensive airport food.

To make sure that you get the most for your money, try and follow some of these tips when at airports and onboard your flight.

Pre-arrange parking options

If you are traveling to the airport in your own vehicle, it’s so important that you pre-book parking. If you don’t you run the risk of having to use independent parking services because the airport parking could well be fully booked. If this does happen it could cost you an ungodly amount. Also many of these independent facilities lack the security and CCTV cameras that closely monitor vehicles like in airport car parks.

Don’t exceed baggage allowances

Exceeding an airline’s baggage allowance limit is everyone’s worst nightmare because it can cost you significantly. Although this is a widespread problem when for people that use budget airlines, some of the major airlines in the world have also been profiting from this form of “charge” as Market Watch reported in 2013.

However, the budget airlines have come in with the biggest amount of criticism as Parking4Less reports in its blog post ‘Beware of Cheap Flights’ that airlines such as Easyjet have lowered its hand baggage allowance by as much as 37% to try and catch out passengers. With many budget airlines operating on meager profit margins, they see these forms of charges as a way to boost revenues.

Make sure all your flight info is printed off

In 2013, a few budget airlines hit the news because they had begun charging passengers who had forgotten to print their boarding cards off with severe penalties. Don’t make the same mistake and always make sure to plan ahead and work out all the documentation you’ll need weeks before you fly.

Check for extra taxations

Nowadays, many budget flights come with hidden costs such as if you pay for flights with a credit card, or crazy infant charges that could potentially surpass the price of an adult ticket. Again, the key to avoiding or preparing for such scenarios is to plan ahead. If you know what to prepare for, you’ll be much more equip to deal with the reality of the situation and in some cases be able to find a solution.

Also, a good thing to remember when using several airlines is to remember that every airline is different so never suppose that the same will apply to every airline.

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