Greece is a beautiful country and there are several popular tourist destinations in the country that are a must-see. Make sure you spend ample time in the country in order to visit all the important places in Greece.

Popular Tourist Destinations in Greece:

There are 5 regional sections in Greece to visit but your holiday should start from Athens. It is an ancient city of Greece and the present capital of Greece. It is also the largest city in Greece. It also means that you need more time in this city.

Here is a brief list of popular tourist destinations in Greece.

Acropolis: 2400 year old site and the most famous monument in the world.

Theater of Dionysus: A theater with open air performances from June to September.

Ancient Agora: Ruins of Hellen’s Stoa and Attalos and includes a museum.

National Archeological Museum: Witness amazing artifacts.

Plaka: An old town spread around Acropolis.

The above mentioned tourists spots lie in Athens.

Piraeus: It is a gulf coast which lies outside Athens and things to do here are just walking and ferrying. The perfect place for people who are looking to get away from the chaotic city life.

Central Greece: This is the area surrounding Athens and is known as the Attica. The attractions here are beaches, Pinewood Mountains, Mount Parnes, Hymettus and Pentelico. Witness the beautiful landscape of Greece here.

Cape Sounio: This is a towering landscape of Greece and also has the Temple of Poseidon. Apollo coast is the most tourist populated area.

Ossios Loukas: It is a huge monastery built in the 11th century with Byzantine mosaics and is definitely worth a visit.

Delphi: The place of the famous Oracle and ruins.

There are hundreds of other smaller places to visit in Greece other than the main attractions covered in the above list.

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