Like last year and last year, I decided to try to find cheap flights to Bergamo and go there for a few days. We agreed with a former classmate (I do not study anymore) and sometimes in the spring we bought return tickets for about 25 EUR.

We did not plan the trip much, because I still remember Bergamo from the past, so we decided to visit Lake Iseo, where we were with a group last year.


trip-to-bergamo-old-townWe arrived in Bergamo sometime around 3 pm, so we had time to explore the “old town“, which is above the modern center of Bergamo. It didn’t appeal to me much, either because I was there before and because there was nothing really interesting. So we set out for Iseus.

However, the journey was complicated because the train from Brescia (transfer station) to the second track did not arrive at all. We waited for the next, but neither did he arrive.

We have been at the station for a long time and I was bored, so I wanted to go to the end of the station. But I did not expect to find another side track there, which was intended only for local trains and just from here we were going trains.

Thanks to them, I finally had a little chat with a young black woman to make sure we were going right.

But we arrived in Isea late in the evening, so we chose accommodation at the roundabout. It was not a classic small Czech circle, but a space of about 25 × 10 meters where trees and shrubs grew where we could hide.

It would be nice except for the mosquito attacks that stopped till the morning. I definitely don’t want to sleep there again. Before we went to bed we jumped to the center for a beer, to show Italkam. None of us packed or addressed us. I really don’t understand Italian.



The plan for the next day was MonteIsola Island, which lies in the middle of Lake Iseo. It was a good classmate’s idea and I liked it more than Iseo (Iseo is the name of the village and the lake).

There we got accommodation, not exactly the cheapest (eventually went out for one for 42 euro / night in the hotel La Foresta).

On the island we borrowed typical Italian bicycles to the city, which I quite liked. They are fast, comfortable and ours had the possibility of shifting.

We went through the whole island and stopped in a remote pub where we had a chat with an Italian grandfather. I think the Italians are more friendly and positive than the Czechs, but maybe I just want to see it.

After a cycling trip we took a climb to the top of the island, from where there was a great view of all sides and the whole lake below.

If you will be there, I definitely recommend. It is about an hour’s journey from the coast and can be reached without maps.



On the third day we changed plans and instead of climbing the surrounding mountains we decided to move to the next lake, Lake Garda, where I was the first year. Already on the way there we met a lot of beautiful Italians, who again ignored us.

The lake is probably used by people from Desenzano (town on the coast) and the surrounding area to relax in the afternoon and we did not do otherwise. So we spent most of the afternoon on the beach where I started writing these notes.

Because I had a tip for a little cheaper accommodation at the campsite Villaggio Turistico, we tried luck there. We managed to get a room for 25 euro / night for one. When we visited the room we were surprised that for such a price we got several rooms, two bedrooms and a balcony.


But the surprise turned into an awkward situation when we found out that I had mistaken the room and crawled into a more luxurious and especially booked apartment. The key unlocked both room 40 (luxury) and 40 bis (single bed, bathroom, broken TV). Fortunately, there was no major problem.

The camp offered bike rental, which we used again to make an afternoon trip to the nearby tip of Sirmione. I didn’t even know there was something like that. All the more surprising when we arrived there.



Sirmione is a small promontory into the lake, which is finished with jewelry – a medieval quarter.

It is exclusively for tourists, but it is worth it. The narrow medieval streets, the smell of food from all sorts of restaurants, confectionery or ice cream have created an atmosphere I have never experienced before.

We too succumbed and had dinner in one of the restaurants. My pizza was pretty “simple”, but I wouldn’t forget how it tasted. With light Italian wine (I am not an expert) I felt almost like a paradise.

We did not return from Sirmione to Desenzano until late at night, so we were quite surprised when we arrived there.

The city was completely transformed, the streets were full of people and you could come across some live music every 200 meters. Although we did not look very hot with bottled beer in my hand, I really enjoyed it there. I have never experienced anything like this in our country.


The streets, which were half-empty during the day, were full of people in the evening who were just walking, eating or coming to listen to musicians who were really worth it. We arrived at the hostel late at night, around midnight.


On Thursday we planned a visit Milano, from which I did not promise much, but I wondered how it looks there. We got a direct connection from the lake and after lunch we were in the center of Milan. I don’t like towns much, because more people mean more consumerism.


It turned out right in the subway, when the “Italians” just told us how to buy a subway ticket. I guessed there would be a hook in it, fortunately it was only the “beggars” who after a successful ticket purchase asked if we would have any euro for them.

The center of Milan is quite nice, but here the sellers of tourist trinkets have hardened a bit. I came across a bracelet seller and wanted to ask him if he had a rasta neck bracelet.

Before we finished talking, his bracelet (colored cord) was tied to my hand and I reluctantly had to pay him 3 euros. I wouldn’t pay now.

The same seller met a classmate, so we both gave up a bit of angry early visit to Milan, because we had no tips for any attractions and returned to Bergamo, because the next day we flew back to the Czech Republic. We chose “Four Seasons Hotel” as accommodation during the Summer season 🙂


We slept well in the meadow near the airport, and sometimes before lunch we went back to the old town to buy things for the family.

italian-cheese-bergamoMy classmate’s idea of ​​buying cheese instead of clichés seemed great – at home it turned out that cheese didn’t like heat and maybe it wasn’t such a great idea.

We had a few hours before departure, so we decided on the last visit to the Italian restaurant. I was already without money, so I didn’t eat. I was bored while eating a classmate, so I started browsing my mobile.

I looked at my cellphone and found that time wasn’t right. Most of the time we orientated our classmates’ watches, which were about an hour late on the day of departure.

Instead of an hour and a half for departure we had only half an hour to the airport, with the fact that we had to pay at the restaurant, walk to the bus stop, there to catch the right line and get to the airport.

By the time it was discovered, it was becoming a crisis and we had only a few minutes in reserve. At that moment, we both began to believe in God and prayed that it would work.

Even though we took the bus on the black, we finally arrived at the airport in time, about 3 minutes before the planned closing of the gate at the airport. In the end it did not matter, because about 15 minutes waited for several other people. So it is hard to judge how it is with God.

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