When intending to go to the beach to rest, relax, especially during the summer days like this, then in your imagination, it’s a trip how !? Surely there must have blue sea with clear waters, stretches besides fine white sand, where fresh seafood is basking on the kitchen grill, etc. And of course, at the end day, surely you would have to be on bed rest for long and wide, smooth and warm of a hotel, or a certain resort amenities to complete all kinds of services and relaxation you need.

It was great, right !? But one fact is for a heavenly trip was, you absolutely can find in anywhere, you just have the funds and bear the expenses are to be! So, have you ever thought of having to require add another exciting experience in your beach trip or not? Experiences like manually plug and building themselves small huts, was sleeping next to the seashore, clearly heard the sound of waves and wind roll adjacent to the ear, eat fresh seafood has been pulled grid on, etc and play active games outdoors, fire dancing nights out of energy! These are experiences that you will never be tried, if only to the beach with the hotel or other luxury resorts. You just have those thing with the camping tents. Because now there are many product lines like this in the market, so choosing best camping tents is not easy.
Furthermore, after you have made your selection, the steps to use a camping tent with the new one is a job that many people feel confused. Therefore, we will show you a few notes and put up the tent.

1. The Requisites

To complete a tent quickly and easily, we have to have some tools and materials needed, commensurate with the size of the tent is used.
+ Wire: Usually tent ready always have enough rope, soups … otherwise we have to carry. Should choose soft wire, easy to manipulate, commensurate with the size and color of the tent like: full of good, though round wire, nylon rope … absolutely not use wire or wire of small hard to see , campers are easy to stumble, causing accidents and injuries.
+ Pile: Depending on how hard or soft soil that we use short or long poles, with alloy marketed or bamboo wood, steel, homemade … Easy is to use a piece of bamboo range pipe split, polished off two edges, pointy one end flap, there is a pile of good, inexpensive.
+ Sticks (tent pole): Must match the size of the tent, to not open the tent pins for the high sticks or flat roof to pull out (very prone to standing water and leaking) for sticks too low. Often should use sticks for tent 1,60m teams.
Bamboo sticks bamboo garden should do, both cheap and light and make … In markets with type ratings sticks, sticks connect multiple segments, very compact.
+ Batons (mallet): This is an item that the little note that most campers and also carry the most forgetful. But if you want to build a tent quickly without batons or just have a ball and then hand off to another person, it is difficult to accomplish quickly … each team must have at least two or more.
Batons can be made of bamboo garden or the original heavy wooden sticks, roughly rolled to fit the handle. Also we are using shovels and picks to dig drainage ditches.

2. Drainage Ditch

Once finished up tents, we have to dig drainage ditches soon, and please do not get there, but to dig a decent ditch, about 10cm deep, 20cm wide. The center of the ditch just below the edge of the tent (place droplets down). How much land dug up, so up into a breakwater inside the tent. Digging ditches and dikes should be straight and up to enhance the aesthetics of the tents.
If the slopes, it’s just digging the tent 3. Above the slope little deeper digging, the hips, the long dug out a little tent.
Never saw the sun was shining without digging ditches, because if it rained suddenly (especially at night), it is impossible to come up with your hands.

3. Fold the Tent

Like when setting up the tents, folding tent when we have to manipulate in order to be neat and quick.
+ Clean up tents and furniture around.
+ Remove the wire and spit out the side two tent poles (no spit two tent poles at either end)
+ Close tent (if tents have doors)
+ Short-two tents and to tilt to one side
+ Remove vines and spit first two tent poles.
+ Ratings tent in the middle of two doors, folding the riem inside.
+ Ratings to fit neatly tent bag (if any).
+ Use the tent tight rope.
– Do not fold the tent when wet. If circumstances compel it to bring exposure back home. Without tents will flavor, moisture entry. When storing, should loosen the leash tent.
– Some types of knots are often used when building the tent.
– Some minor technical.
In the life in the camp, we must necessarily technical know some small (tips) to easily overcome small obstacles that we often encounter in the camp.

4. Stretch Tents

Our tents at the new building, looking straight fragrant and beautiful it knows how, but after a few wind, a rain or a rolling sleep night … look how disastrous it. If removed, the remake is fiddly. So when the tent pole into the pile, let’s use the buttons strung (Tendeur) or use a wooden tendeur as follows:
– Use a small piece of wood, hole puncher just two tent rope diameter, inserted into the wire (in formation). When necessary, pull the wood to where there is a fixed rope.
– In the case of unstable weather, much rain, we can use the elastic ring as shown to stretch tents, tent will withstand winds that are not torn or loose.

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