People who want to go traveling usually face a big problem named money. Money has kept back too many people from traveling. But they do not realise that they can resolve the problem themselves by adjusting the ways they spend money.

One of the painful facts is that people do not have any priority when spending money. A lot of unnecessary money has been spent on coffee, cigarettes, sport tickets, snacks and other things like that. Those has really spent you a large sum of money, and you probably did not realize such a fact. You do not notice that you are bleeding money. The sum of a dollar here and a dollar there can make up to a huge number.

If you want to go traveling, you need to pay it an priority. If you do not, you may never have enough money for traveling. Cut down other expenses and save money for traveling banners should be placed everywhere in your house. There are some expenses that you really can not cut, but there are still some phantom expenses that you can reduce.

You also need to find other ways to save money, that will help you make your dream a reality soon. Traveling may be cheap but still need some money. Earning extra money is also necessary to shorten time to go traveling.

It looks hard but not impossible to do. Following tips may help you cut down your unnecessary costs, save money as well as grow your balance for traveling:

1. Cutting the Coffee

You could not image how large money you spend on coffee for a long time. If it costs you 5 USD a day for coffee, then you give up 1,8000 USD a year. That amount of money may be enough for you to travel in Southeast Asia for two months. Give up expensive branches of coffee and start to make your own coffee or tea, not too long later you will have enough money to discover the jungles of Borneo or to enjoy the beaches of Thailand. This is an easy and big saving.

2. Learning to Cook

Eating out costs you a lot because the foods out there are usually expensive. Quit eating out and go learning cooking will help you save a lot of money. Cook often and your food bill will be low down. You may also keep the left-overs for later meals, thus more money saved. Thousand of cooking websites are always ready to help you have good, nutritious meals at home.

3. Cutting off Cars

Cars are so expensive to own and operate, it takes you a lot of money every day. Cut off the car, start commuting by buses, subways or even bicycles and on foot. You will realize that you are not depended on your car as much as you thought, even though other cheaper transportations may take you longer to get to destination.

4. Cutting Down Your Housing Cost

Cut down your housing cost and you can save hundreds USD per month for your traveling. moving to live with you parents may be the first choice. If you can not, downsize your apartment. You may bring some roommates to share with you an apartment.

5. Getting Rid of Cable

Various, free and legal televisions are available online, you do not need to waste 50 USD a month for cable. Use the internet for both purposes.

6. Cutting off Your Landline

A mobile phone is much more functional and convenient than a landline. Cut off you landline and you will cut off half of your phone costs.

7. Downgrading Your Phone

Though smartphones are handy stuffs, having a cheaper phone with no fancy apps may help your monthly phone bill cut in half.

8. Using Travel Credit Card

Start to use a travel credit card collect points and miles from daily purchasing which in turn will change into free money, rooms and flights for you to travel.

9. Signing Up for Travel Newsletters

Signing up for travel newsletters will help you to keep yourself updated with information of sales and special deals from airlines and travel companies which in turn will help you get the best deals when it comes to traveling.

10. Building a Couch-Surfing Network

Find, attend a local meetup to make friend, build a network, increase your reviews. You will definitely need that kind of network for an actual go away. It will help you in term of making friend with the locals and you can get free accommodation, cheaper vehicles and stuffs as well as priceless acknowledges when traveling.

11. Buying Second-Hand Goods

Internet marketing and wholesale websites as well as clearance sales help you to buy stuffs with half of the full price.

12. Using Coupons

There are many coupons or loyalty cards help you to reduce the price when it comes to buying goods.

13. Selling Your Unnecessary Stuffs

Instead of keeping unnecessary stuffs in storage which still costs you money, it is better for you to get rid of them. Sell them and you may have a huge amount of money for your trip.

14. Earning Extra Money

It is important to save money but it is also vital to earn more. It is now quite easy to earn extra money in the sharing economy.

15. Buying a Metal Water Bottle

Buying a metal water bottle and using it over the time are much better and efficient than buying one or two plastic bottle everyday.

16. Other Ways

You can also use other methods such as skipping watching movies, stopping drinking, quitting smoking, stop snacking as other ways to save your money.

Being aware of your daily expenses, cutting the phantom expenses, and downgrading you living as simple as possible will save you a lot of money for your traveling dream. It is also important for you to earn extra money which is not very difficult in the modernized world. You also need to identify ways to minimize your costs when traveling that may help you cut your financial burden down.

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