• Rent a car. What sounds luxurious can essentially habitually save you money. Think through renting a car instead of using the airport space shuttle. Many times the cost of the shuttle is more than that of a diffident car rental ¨C and you have the flexibility of having available transportation. If you are driving to your journey’s end, renting a car instead of using your own vehicle is often economy than the extra wear and tear on your own car. Take advantage of coupons to improvement to a larger, and more relaxed, vehicle.
  • Eat breakfast where kids eat free and split meals. This means that a huge saving for a family of four or larger. Children are many times too excited or tired to eat much at a time. Restaurants that are kid friendly are more than happy to accommodate special requests for extra plates.
  • Eat lunch in your room. You’ll be amazed how better a peanut butter sandwich, chips, and fresh fruit tastes away from home, and everyone gets a needed break from the heat and crowds of tourist destinations.
  • Take advantage of coupons. Whether it is for lodging, food, or attractions ¨C coupons SAVE money! Find them everywhere… online, in local newspapers, at convenience stores, motels, etc. All the time read the fine print cautiously for conditions of the coupon.
  • Bring your own stroller. This can save $7 to $10 a day at some of the fascinations.
  • Bring along individual refillable water bottles. These can be restocked at the hotel and at attraction water fountains. A family of four could easily spend $20 or more a day buying water.
  • Take advantage of multi-day passes at the attractions. This is especially a good deal when they can be used anytime.
  • Make your own reservations. Many hotels and airlines offer additional discounts and specials for booking online.
  • Give each child a set amount to spend. You can domestic the “gimmes”, and your notecase at the that time, by giving children a pre-set spending limit for souvenirs. Also, invest in an autograph book (about $6 at most attractions) and watch the fun as the children collect the “autographs” of their favorite characters.
  • Spend the day away from the attractions. You’re paying for those hotel swimming pools… use it! Spend the day at the beach or a nearby museum. The shopping areas near the major attractions (like Downtown Disney) have children’s play areas, providing an inexpensive day of fun for the little ones.

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